How To Increase Views On Youtube (Get 1 Million Views)

How To Increase Views On Youtube

Did you just create a Youtube Channel but you have 0 views and 0 subscribers? Probably you are creating good videos, but even when you are creating good content, you are wondering how to increase views on youtube if nobody wants to see your content.

Well, the truth is that NOBODY hates your content. YouTube does not hate your content, and Google doesn’t hate your content either. You just need to learn a few basic strategies to boost your YouTube channel and get more YouTube videos and subscribers.

In this blog post, I will share with you the best tips that will teach you how to increase views on YouTube quickly, even if you have just started your new channel from zero. Let’s get started!

1. Publish High-Quality Content

When creating videos for YouTube, quality should prevail over quantity. You need to focus on creating good videos that viewers enjoy watching. It doesn’t need to be a long video of 15 minutes; you can just create 5- to 10-minute videos.

New YouTubers think that the key to success on YouTube is uploading long content, but that is not true. There are a lot of viral videos (mostly shorts) of 30 seconds. So stop thinking that you need to create long videos to succeed, because that is only a myth.

Here are two tips to help you create content consistently:

  • Have a schedule for content creation. Let your viewers know when they can anticipate new materials from you.
  • Take time in planning, filming, editing, and optimizing videos
  • Hire professional video editors from Fiverr to help you create good-quality videos.

2. Optimize Your Video title descriptions And Tags for SEO

When you publish a video on YouTube, the video ranks in Google search results and YouTube search results. Of course, the video information should be optimized for SEO.

Optimizing your video metadata is crucial for improving your visibility on YouTube. Use relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags to help your videos rank higher in search results and attract organic traffic.

Always do keyword BEFORE creating a video to identify popular search terms related to your niche and incorporate them strategically throughout your video metadata.

3. Make Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing viewers see when browsing YouTube, so make them count! Create visually appealing thumbnails that accurately represent your video content and entice viewers to click. Use high-resolution images, compelling text overlays, and vibrant colors to grab attention and stand out in crowded search results.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Building a strong connection with your audience is essential for fostering loyalty and attracting more subscribers. Respond to comments, questions, and feedback from your viewers to show that you appreciate their support. Additionally, encourage viewers to turn on notifications for new uploads and subscribe to the channel.

5. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTubers in your niche is a great way to attract new subscribers to your channel. Write a partnership proposal—a guest appearance, collaboration, or shout-out—that is similar to your content and might resonate with others these creators can reach.

Plus, by cross-promoting each other’s channels, you have the opportunity to get closer to many people who can become customers.

Reach out to creators who are a good fit for your content and suggest collaboration ideas like guest appearances, collaborative videos, shoutouts, and more. By cross-promoting other people’s channels, you can reach a wider audience and get more subscribers.

6. Promote Your Channel on Social Media and Other Platforms

Extend your channel’s reach beyond YouTube by promoting your content on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Share teasers, behind-the-scenes footage, and highlights from your videos to pique curiosity and drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Additionally, participate in online communities, forums, and groups related to your niche to connect with potential subscribers.

7. Analyze and Learn from Your Data

Monitor your channel analytics regularly to gain insights into what’s working and what’s not. Pay attention to metrics like view time, view duration, click-through rate, and subscriber growth.

Use this data to identify trends, improve your content strategy, and make informed decisions to maximize your channel’s growth potential.


Growing your YouTube channel and getting more subscribers requires dedication, patience, and strategic planning.  Implement these strategies, stay persistent, and watch your subscriber count skyrocket! Remember, success on YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on your goals, adapt to change, and enjoy the journey of creating content and engaging with your audience.

I hope you have learned How To Increase Views On YouTube by reading this post. If you want to learn more tips to boost your YouTube videos, read our blog here

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  1. I do trust all the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for newbies. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

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