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frequently Asked Questions

What are your services for?

Most of our customers use our service to improve the traffic metrics of their sites. When ordering traffic, you can control the bounce rate, return rate, and session time, increase your total traffic, add more organic or social traffic, and work with almost every metric of your site’s traffic.

Are your services Google Adsense safe?

Our promotion is safe for pay-per-click advertising systems. In the case of the Adsense system, by default, we don’t even load the ad serving script so that visitors won’t see any ads.

All the traffic is real people?

All visitors to our platform are real people who are currently browsing millions of websites that we have direct access to. Our publisher network comprises an extensive network of websites, application developers, and social networks.

How do I Start a Campaign?

Place an order in a few clicks, select a package, provide a link to the site, and the required campaign parameters, then go through the payment procedure. For multiple locations, fill out the order form again.

Will I get conversions and sells?

We strive to attract the best visitors to our clients’ sites. Conversions will depend entirely on your website content and targeting choices.

Will your traffic Improve my Alexa's Ranking?

A guaranteed Alexa Rank improvement can only be achieved if you have Alexa Rank Certified activated. Certification on your website with Alexa Rank means that you have an Alexa traffic counter installed, so alexa.com can see all the traffic coming to your website. Without the Alexa counter, not all traffic is counted, but only the overall score is determined.

How long does the promotion takes?

All tariff plans expire 30 days after creation. You can easily create a new campaign by purchasing the required amount of traffic.

How can I track my website visitors?

You can track visitors using Google Analytics, Global Alexa, and Global Histats platforms. We do not guarantee that other counters will fully track all traffic.

We do not currently support link-shortening services. These links will damage the user session time and affect your ranking on google. Please, when creating your campaign, send the original, full link to the site.

Do you accept Adult Sites?

Yes, we accept and promote adult sites.